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Celia Aurora Espinal

Celia has been a makeup artist for the past 20 years. Her very first job was as a makeup
artist was on a small thesis film and the rest is history. Her artistry has evolved in many fields of the makeup industry including her passion for film. All though self taught she has never stopped learning old and new techniques from seasoned artists workshops, key artists on sets and endless hands on research. Working in the beauty retail as well has also taught her the never ending product knowledge and personalized service given to each client that has sat in her chair. Receiving the various brand specific training allowed her to learn the many techniques that the founders like Kevyn Aucoin, Stila Cosmetics, NARS and Anastasia Beverly Hills have developed. Fashion show backstages like Cucculelli Shaheen and Pretty Little Thing, have definitely taught her speed and precision. She has also helped make special moments for her clients, like their prom, graduation and wedding day even more special with picture perfect makeup.
From bridal glam to special effects makeup, Celia has done it all and tries to master anything she sets her mind to.

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